Month: February 2019

The Business Cocktail

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Cell Medica receives funds for its cell therapy A USD 8.7 million grant to Cell Medica has been given by Cancer Prevention and Research...

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A helping hand in treatment of CRC

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Patients suffering from Colorectal Cancer (CRC) usually gets affected with distant organ metastases spreading the tumor to other parts of...

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Stem Cells therapies and CRISPR gene-editing are not new. Having able to grow the desired cells and manipulate the genome system have...

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What is Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA)?

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Cholangiocarcinoma (BILE Duct cancer) is a type of uncommon CANCER. It arises in Bile ducts. The Bile duct is a long tubule like structure...

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CRISPR proves to be a blessing for LASSA fever

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The ability of CRISPR to change an organism’s DNA has lead researchers, particularly from Nigeria to use the tool to perform diagnostic...

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CRISPR treatment delivers benefits in mice The researchers from Duke University along with drugmaker Sarepta Therapeutics published a...

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