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DelveInsight offers excellent Healthcare Consulting Services to Biotech & Pharmaceutical companies, Venture Capitalists, R&D units & API manufacturers. We assist them in taking critical business decisions, building commercial excellence and growing their business in an increasingly competitive and challenging environment.

In-depth insight helps market research and business development team of global bio-pharma companies to not only understand the market but also to identify and target the untapped opportunities.
Comprehensive coverage of indication enables the client to understand the landscape of the indication. The core focus is on the market metrics of the indication, like market size, share distribution by brands, CAGR, evolution index etc.
Experienced domain experts, with rich knowledge of the treatment guidelines in the therapy areas, support clients in understanding the current approaches, SoCs, indication segmentations etc.
Experts, adept in understanding the incidence, prevalence, diagnostic and treatment rates, and overall epidemiological trends of diseases; flawlessly work on estimation of diseases burden, based on types of segmentation/population etc., to present the deep dive analysis for the clients.
A snapshot on the current and upcoming market competitions based on MOA/ROA/phase/geography/endpoints/study population etc. to give wide coverage on the molecules for a particular indication.
By leveraging extensive domain knowledge of the therapy areas - in identifying the critical unmet needs, DelveInsight supports the clients in the decision-making process, while quantifying the unmet opportunity currently available in the market.
In-house clinical trial domain experts gather information on the current practices of clinical trials and analyze how endpoints are evolving over time, which helps the client in formulating-- ‘What would be the best CT strategy’-- to achieve drug approvals.
Extensive insight assists the client in better understanding the dynamic environment of the market. DelveInsight supports its client to understand their strengths, weaknesses; and also helps them to identify the untapped opportunities and thwart possible threats to their products, indication or company .
DelveInsight is regarded as an expert in forecasting the future market. History of accomplishing numerous projects successfully for several clients has molded the forecasting expertise of the company to perfection. For forecasting the future market, the company has adopted two methods: epidemiology-based and unit-based. The forecasting methodology is based on flexible and robust models, with key inputs, such as patient shares, access rates, market shares, peak shares etc.
Forecasting models are built on the basis of historical data with respect to either the product or the market. Usually, the key inputs are: total prescriptions, new prescriptions, units, days of therapy etc.
Product forecasts are developed ideally by incorporating the key assumptions, like epidemiological and market related parameters. The notable feature of the product forecasting models is the user-friendliness, allowing the users to change the assumptions in accordance to the problem in question.
Competitive Intelligence (CI) is one of the core offerings of DelveInsight for helping clients to strategize prudently for crafting out tactical paths in the ever changing competitive market. The firm has supported numerous global clients by successfully delivering several CI projects, with high-quality insight. Primary as well as secondary research methodologies are adhered to for gathering market information, which is subsequently validated through authentic sources to synthetize the un-biased insights. Some of the focus areas are: Competitor Benchmarking, Analyzing and Monitoring Clinical Trials, Optimization of Research Strategies etc.
In essence, Competitor Benchmarking involves comparing a firm’s practices and performance measures with those of the most successful competitors. The benchmarking provides strategic directions for implementing process changes, new process optimization and assessing the running projects as per the prevailing market standards.
In depth statistical analysis on the actual data collected from various clinical trials for a particular indication helps client to gain inputs on the latest research trends and drug assessments in clinical setting. The analysis also is inclusive of quality monitoring for a particular study along with efficacy and safety markers of the participants. Informative graphs are also included to showcase the progress of a particular drug or therapy, valuable to the indication in question.
Analyst support is provided to the client, which helps in understanding the market drivers and barriers within the price and budget limits, reimbursement issues and regulatory approvals.
This involves the assessment of specific areas of business In which the client is interested to understand the underlying market dynamics. Normally, the assessment includes: the mapping of resource utilization, estimation of project values and competitive insight for enabling better strategic decision-making. These instill the confidence in them to venture into future markets.
DelveInsight’s dedicated CI team engages in deep research to find out solution to complex business problems . The process also includes extensive engagement of research leaders to evaluate the area(s) of the clients’ interest for formulating the appropriate strategies.
Delveinsight’s subject matter experts with vast experience in clinical and commercial aspects of R&D, deliver high-quality insights to support clients in key decisions such as prioritizing indications / assets, analyzing the clinical trials, and analyzing the patents and publications.
We have developed a robust prioritization framework based on our experience with the previous projects in identifying, prioritizing and selecting the indication to help the clients in making the “Go/No Go Decision” prior to proceeding with the studies
We support clients in the journey of decision making process to prioritize their assets by our proven framework. We evaluate the assets based on the attributes of the product. Our analysis classifies the products into high, medium and low priority
We have extensive experience on the analysis of clinical trial parameters from our previous projects.We are adroit in understanding the current practices in clinical trials and how endpoints are evolving over time in the therapy areas. Our analysis acts like a lighthouse to support the client in formulating ‘What would be the best CT strategy to achieve drug approval’
We providewide coverage on start date, completion date and primary completion date to guide the client in planning the key milestones to stay ahead of competition and cognize of the upcoming product launches
Gather all the information from secondary search to provide minute details on patent and publications of the competitor drug in order to keep watch on generics entry or new MOA/molecule
Our in-house conference / congress intelligence experts gather information from various websites of congresses and analyze the data to map the KOLs attending the congresses, to effectively plan congresses etc and provide our un-biased analysis.
We have developed a KoL mapping tool with a robust methodology to identify the key KoLs with maximum impact prior to the conference and profile them with their work profiles
Our team with immense experience in the area of congresses held at global level support the clients in capturing key abstracts, sessions, booths to cover etc
We identify the investment done by a company on their product (s) /booths/promotional activities, etc. during the conference to gauge and benchmark the company confidence over a product and portfolio
Abstracts/Activities are listed in the Conference planner on the basis of priority (High, Mid and Low) – finalized with the Client after abstracts are released on Conference websites
Our in-house domain experts interact directly with the KOLs to answer client’s KIQs or KITs

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